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A unique 3-IN-1 design that:

  1. Amplifies sounds clearly and naturally
  2. Clarifies speech to enhance and better enjoy distant conversations
  3. Suppresses noise to accentuate sounds in specific listening environments

An Affordable Amplifier

Hear How You Want To Hear™ with the TReO by iHEAR. The TReO is a Personal Sound Amplification Product (PSAP) that offers help, for those who have normal hearing and are not hearing impaired, to enjoy sounds from TV, nature, music, or distant conversation. Its advanced, 100% digital technology is made specifically for adult men and women from age 18+. A durable housing makes it ideal for those who are active and engaged—it’s also water and perspiration resistant! It is an inexpensive, convenient way to get personal amplification.

With advanced 100% digital sound processing, you can select one of four pre-set sound profiles. Each profile is adjustable to increase volume up to 2 levels! The TReO also provides noise suppression and adaptive feedback cancellation, so you can better enjoy the sound or event you are listening to.

Compact, Low-Profile, and Always the Perfect Fit

Bulky, hard-to-hide sound amplifiers should be a thing of the past. The TReO is small enough to fit discreetly behind the ear, with beige casing to make it even easier to conceal behind hair or against skin. Once your TReO is snug behind your ear, not only will you barely notice it, it’s virtually invisible to everyone else!

Every TReO includes an instruction guide and a variety of closed tips to ensure your device can be worn comfortably, properly and securely. The TReO by iHEAR comes with a 12-month limited warranty. There is a wealth of material on the TReO website—.


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