Sleepright ProRx Custom Dental Guard

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Did your dentist recommend that you wear a dental night guard? The SleepRight ProRx Custom Dental Guard provides professional protection from teeth clenching and grinding without the high price tag. Study shows it protects 10x longer than the leading competitor, making it the best value you can find. The SleepRight ProRx is made from a moldable thermoplastic material that softens at 150°F, while the average custom moldable dental guard uses boiling water at 212°F. This means the SleepRight ProRx offers a faster and more comfortable fitting experience using water 62°F cooler than conventional boil-and-bite dental guards. It is a full coverage dental guard that is quickly fitted by forming the warmed material around the teeth for an ultra-thin, secure fit. The SleepRight ProRx features molar guides that center the molars upon biting down, which effortlessly guides the dental guard into the ideal position for fitting. The use of a fitting tray is not needed.

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