Refresh Tears Multi-Pack, 60 ml.

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Overview The kind of eye drops you're reaching for makes a difference. Not all eye drops are specifically designed to lubricate. Some drops are specifically designed to help relieve allergies. Others remove redness from your eyes. Over-the-counter artificial tears are designed to provide temporary relief to the symptoms associated with Dry Eye. To temporarily relieve burning, irritation and discomfort due to Dry Eye, reach for artificial tears, like REFRESH® — the #1 Doctor Recommended Brand of Artificial Tears.*REFRESH TEARS® Lubricant Eye Drops instantly moisturizes and relieves dry, irritated eyes with a fast-acting, long-lasting formula that has many of the same healthy qualities as your own natural tears. It comes in convenient multi-dose bottles and is safe to use as often as needed so your eyes can feel good — anytime, anywhere. REFRESH TEARS® is also safe to use with contact lenses.1Dry Eye is a reduction in your eyes’ ability to produce or maintain sufficient quantity and quality of natural tears. Insufficient tears can lead to: Irritated, painful eyes Increased risk of eye infection Negative effects on vision Damage to the eye surface An estimated 25 million Americans suffer from Dry Eye symptoms. In fact, Dry Eye symptoms are commonly reported among people visiting their eye doctor. 2Tears are important to the overall health of our eyes and our vision. Each time we blink, a protective coating of tears is spread like a film over the front of our eye. If we don’t blink often enough, dry spots can develop on the surface of the eye and can cause our vision to decrease. When our tear film becomes unstable, symptoms of Dry Eye can occur. Over-the-counter artificial tears, like REFRESH TEARS®, are designed to temporarily relieve dry, burring, irritated eyes due to Dry Eye. If you’re using over-the-counter artificial tears often, you may be one of the 5 million Americans suffering from Chronic Dry Eye and may need prescription treatment. Chronic Dry Eye is a disease that requires ongoing therapy. Over time it can have potential consequences for your eyes. If you think you may have Chronic Dry Eye, don’t wait. Visit your eye doctor who can examine your eyes and determine if you have Chronic Dry Eye. He or she can talk to you about available treatment options. Refresh Tears Multi-Pack, 60 ml.


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