Nasacort Multi-Sympton 24Hr Nasal Allergy Relief Spray, 3x120 Ct

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When you are feeling discomfort, reach for this full prescription strength Nasacort Allergy Spray. No matter what you're currently taking to relieve your nasal allergy symptoms, this is good news. It gives you 24 hours of scent-free and alcohol-free relief for all nasal allergy symptoms without a prescription. Antihistamines target only one of these responses. This Nasacort allergy 24-hour nasal allergy spray stops more of them. It blocks more of your body's chemical responses to indoor and outdoor allergens. As a result, it reduces inflammation and relieves the worst nasal allergy symptoms, even congestion, for 24 hours. If you haven't tried a nasal spray in a while, now's the time. Unlike OTC decongestant sprays, Nasacort Allergy Spray is non-addictive. Unlike Flonase, it's also scent-free and alcohol-free. This 3-count pack comes in bottle form for easy applying and carrying, so that you can use it when you're on the go.
Nasacort Allergy 24-Hour Spray Bottle with 120 Sprays, 3-count:

  • Scent- and alcohol-free
  • Non-addictive
  • Nasacort 24-hour nasal spray relieves all symptoms of allergies, including nasal congestion, sneezing, runny nose and itchy nose
  • Blocks body's chemical responses to indoor and outdoor allergies
  • 3-count pack comes in bottle form for easy applying
  • Each bottle comes with 120 sprays
  • Comes in full prescription strength
  • Non-drip and non-drowsy formula
  • No harsh taste
  • Ideal for quick and effective relief of allergy symptoms while you are on the go

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