EAR VIEW MD Wi-Fi Ear Camera Smart Otoscope

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EAR VIEW MD is a smartphone-compatible, Wi-Fi ear camera or smart otoscope that allows you to view, photograph, and video the ear canal. Using the latest technology, EAR VIEW MD makes it possible to view the ear canal in the easy-to-use Eosera app. Convenient photo and video capabilities allow you to consult with your doctor for ease of diagnosis and treatment plan. See it all with EAR VIEW MD.

  •  VIEW THE EAR CANAL: Curious what’s in those canals. View the ear canal with a smart otoscope or Wi-Fi ear camera that connects to your smartphone or tablet. In the easy-to-use Eosera app, see and save photos and videos of the ear canal.
  • PHOTOS AND VIDEOS: Video and photograph the ear canal in an easy-to-use app. The photos and videos save to your device automatically.
  • EAR VIEW MD KIT: Kit is complete with the device, 2 safety cone tips, 2 scoop attachments, a microfiber cleaning cloth, a micro-USB cord, and access to the Eosera app.
  • CLEAN THE EAR: Clean the ear canal of excess earwax with the scoop attachments. Warning: do not shove the scoop attachments too far into the ear canal.
  • EAR CARE: Interested in ear care? Eosera, Inc. has a full line of ear care products for all ears. Other products include: EARWAX MD, EARWAX MD for Kids, WAX BLASTER MD, WAX BLASTER MD PRO, EAR CLEAN MD, EAR ITCH MD, EARBUD CLEANING KIT, bulb syringes, and EARWAX PET.

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